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Regina Split Shank Diamond Halo Ring
Keezing Kreations offers brilliant diamond engagement rings in Boston. Their expert designers are able to create the perfect engagement ring for that special person in your life. If you’re getting ready to pop the question, make sure you’re asking with a ring that will completely take them by surprise!
Keezing Kreations knows that the type of setting you choose will play a huge role in the style of your engagement ring. Vintage and antique engagement rings are easily recreated by their design experts using old-world settings, such as a Halo setting, while a more contemporary engagement ring will utilize a newer setting like a Bezel or a Tension. 
Come in to Keezing Kreations to work with a specialist to choose the perfect style of engagement ring setting to meet your needs. They offer diamond engagement rings in their Boston store in the following settings:

Solitaire Engagement Rings

This is the classic engagement ring setting that spotlights the center stone. A solitaire diamond engagement ring features a single main diamond and it is a truly timeless design that never goes out of style. Often referred to as the Tiffany Setting, the solitaire engagement ring can offer the look of classic, vintage, or modern. The diamond of your choice can be set in Bezel, four prongs or six prongs.

Halo Engagement Rings

This is a traditional engagement ring setting featuring a center stone that is usually a diamond or sapphire, and is encircled by smaller diamonds. The Halo engagement ring setting frames the center stone for greater appeal. Any shaped diamond for colored stone can provide the center stone for a Halo design. Keezing Kreations creates many diamond engagement rings in Boston with the Halo setting.

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Two circles of diamonds delicately frame a diamond for a double Halo engagement ring. Round or cushion shaped diamonds are generally used in a double halo setting. Whatever size or shape is chosen, this is a very impressive design.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

This is referred to as the classic Bostonian ring. Keezing Kreations designs and sells many three stone diamond engagement rings in their Boston store. The three stone engagement ring features a larger center diamond with two smaller side diamonds. Three stone engagement rings offer many options, since the two side diamonds do not have to share the shape of the center diamond. Options are nearly endless when designing your own three stone engagement ring.

Pave Set Engagement Rings

This beautiful setting offers very little metal showing due to the diamonds being set very close together, creating the illusion that the ring is completely made of diamonds. Keezing Kreations likes to create pave diamond engagement rings for their Boston clients because they beautifully blend with the whiteness of your diamonds.
These are only a few of the available setting options you can choose from when you custom design your own engagement ring at Keezing Kreations. If you would like to speak with an expert designer from Keezing Kreations, please call their store at 617-650-9934. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and work with you to create the perfect engagement ring.
Diamond Engagement Rings Boston
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