Your engagement rings are a symbol of your love and as you spend the rest of your life with the partner of your dreams we want to make sure your ring will maintain its beauty along with you.  I am a professional jewelry designer at Keezing Kreations and I am sharing 4 of my top tips to help you accomplish this.

 1.  Insure your platinum engagement ring! This is a must do.

Make sure to purchase enough insurance to cover at minimum replacement value.  Some jewelry insurance brokers offer more than others so shop around and don’t settle for the first offer.  This is exceptionally important when you have a handmade engagement ring or designer platinum jewelry piece.

2.  Take your platinum engagement ring off.

Although most people keep their engagement rings on 24/7 here are a few reasons to avoid wearing the ring where it can be easily damaged, such as during the following activities:

  • The chlorine while swimming can tarnish and make the white look more yellow.
  • Lifting weights will ding, scratch and even though platinum is quite a strong metal it could still bend.
  • Gardening embeds dirt and coarse sand into the ring and would most likely cause it to get scratched.
  • Showering will leave soap film on the surface of the stone.
  • While cooking or baking will get food caked under the stone.
  • Oddly enough people that wear professional gloves often get more dirt on the stones.

baguette diamond wedding ring

3.  Keep your jewels organized.

Store them in a safe and dry area.  Some stones like opals are vulnerable to heat and temperature change, it will affect their coloring.  Like diamonds and other gemstones, platinum can also be easily scratch so be sure to store them separately from other pieces.  There are ‘jewelry rolls’ or ‘jewelry compartments’ that protect your fine jewelry from rubbing together which can be quite helpful.
As a professional jewelry designer, what I do with mine is take my jewelry off when I get home, place it all together and never take them off near a toilet or sink. This way I know it won’t be lost and I know it is safe.

4.  Do not just wear it.

The most common mistake is wearing the piece day in and day out.  Wear and tear daily can take quite a toll on it (especially on more delicate pieces that are 18k yellow or rose gold).  Platinum is by far the dream metal of choice and although it is suggested to get the softer metals checked often it is also a great idea to do the same with the platinum.  I would recommend cleanings and inspections at least twice a year.
To learn more tips on how to care for your Platinum Engagement Rings contact our Boston jewelry designers directly by calling 617-650-9934.