Mass produced jewelry is generally produced assembly-line style in large quantities. This means that uniqueness is forsaken in favor of quantity and price. While mass-produced doesn’t always mean a drop in quality, buyers can be certain that hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of other people might be donning the same piece of jewelry.

Mass production has made some jewelry more affordable for more people which is good. Quality and price often go hand in hand. And, while some intricate designs are possible, you won’t find the high level of artistry and creativity that you would in a custom piece.

Custom created jewelry is one-of-a-kind.  From the selection of the gemstone to the setting to the overall style and details, your piece is unique.

Custom jewelry allows jewelry designers to be artists and sink their teeth into their craft. It is rewarding work and the results are breathtaking. But, with that also comes a higher price tag. Cost – Mass produced jewelry is often less-expensive
Quality – There can be low quality and high quality mass produced jewelry just as there can be with custom created pieces. But, generally a custom creation has a higher quality with more attention to detail. A good jeweler takes pride in the quality of their work and strives to create a piece that will last generations.

Uniqueness – Custom pieces are unique by their very nature. Even a simple classic solitaire ring can have a subtle unique quality that can’t be matched on an assembly line. Generally, those who are looking for a custom piece have their sights set on something creative and intricate with a lot of details, or something that cannot be found anywhere else.

Depending on what you are looking for, both options are good. From classic creations to custom creations Keezing Kreations provides thoughtful, unique, classic and contemporary jewelry designs and remounts for any occasion.