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Jewelry is a beautiful thing, though the term itself is incredibly vague. "Jewelry" can encompass so many different things from earrings to rings, necklaces to bracelets and everything in between. It can also incorporate several different materials like gold, silver, sterling, tungsten, platinum and so many others.

Thankfully, many stores will allow for customization of jewelry, allowing you to get precisely what you want when selecting your jewelry. After all, given the costs associated with purchasing exquisite jewelry, shouldn't you be able to get the exact look that you desire?

Customizing a piece of jewelry for the person, you care most about not only shows that you are making a financial commitment to them, but it shows that you know them well enough to customize this token to their specific wants and needs. That will bring the most prominent possible smile to their face and assure that you are in their good graces for a long, long time.

What is the best place to find custom jewelry in Boston?

Keezing Kreations in Boston is run by Debra Keezing, though the business was started by her father who was one of the very first platinum jewelry designers in Boston in 1946. They feature a vast inventory of and an extensive selection of diamonds and gemstones. They also encourage clients to bring in family heirlooms to be updated as they specialize in remounting and remodeling jewelry, making those classics feel current and fresh.

Additionally, Keezing Kreations takes time on their website to educate customers about diamonds and platinum. They go into depth as to just what the "4 C's" are in terms of the diamonds that you choose (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) as well as determining the cut grade. There are facets and angles built into the diamond to enhance its "sparkle."

We even take the time to educate you on the difference between diamond cut and shape, explaining the following diamond shapes: round or brilliant cut, marquise shape, oval-shaped, pear shape, heart-shaped, emerald cut, trillion cut, and princess cut. They also go into diamond colors and clarity, making for a full read to better educate you before making your selection.

Keezing Kreations goes above and beyond to find the perfect shape, cut, color and clarity for you and will work tirelessly to achieve the look that you desire. There is a litany of kind words from their past customers with nothing but positive things to say about their experiences and it is without a doubt the place to go for custom jewelry.

Keezing Kreations can fit all of your needs and will do so with a smile.

Where can I go to design custom jewelry in Boston?

If Keezing Kreations doesn't fit your needs and specifications, there are other options available in the Boston, MA area. Some local individuals do custom engagement, and wedding rings like Cynthia Britt. There are also designer businesses like Mouradian Custom Jewelry that specializes in wedding bands, engagement rings, as well as unique pieces.

Custom Jewelry Boston
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