Curious about our custom design process with our customers? This week we have a new creation in process for Keezing Kreations! This customer gave me the idea that she wants a ring with bars separating her stones.

So what do we do next? I get as many examples for that type of ring which are called molds and have them decide what they like the most! From there we talk about the stones they want, and where they want them placed. We get as specific as possible! More than one type of stone? No problem! Different colors? Wonderful! Which then turns into a ‘cad design’ which is an online model version of the completed ring. Once that is perfected and to the customers liking, the creation process gets started within the Boston Jewelers Building. Then my favorite part happens, showing them the completed process! It is always so amazing seeing the faces of my blissful customer.

Creating a custom ring is an extensive process for both the customer and I. It is a big commitment for them to decide on considering there are so many options! But, even if the customer isn’t completely happy at the end, tweaks can always be made which is the great part about custom designing. But, in my business, I prefer to leave the customer glowing and delighted the first time around. That is how I run my business, helping customers make their design dreams come true. ”

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