Make your jewelry new again. If you’re experiencing a bit of ring or jewelry envy, you can turn your jewelry into a new contemporary design with a remounting. Whether you have jewelry you’ve inherited, don’t wear anymore or simply pieces that no longer match your style remounting is a fantastic option to turn your special gems into something new.

Remounting is generally done to repair, update and redesign special pieces of jewelry. Sometimes it is because a gem is loose and it’s a great way to prevent loss. Other times it is to modernize an old style. And, sometimes it is to merge several pieces of jewelry into one new contemporary design.

Popular Remounting Ideas

Take Old Jewelry and Merge Them into One New Piece – perhaps you have heirlooms or pieces you never wear. You can merge your jewelry into a new up-to-date style that you’ll love. Not only will your custom piece utilize the metal and gems you already have but the sentimental value will be huge.

Update Your Wedding Ring With a New Setting

Perhaps you had a solitaire and you now want a halo setting. You can update your piece by changing your ring slightly with a new setting.

Update Your Jewelry with New Gems

Do you love your statement piece but wish the gem was different, smaller or bigger? Remounting is a great opportunity to keep a style you love but to update it with a new gemstone.

Update The Metal

Do you have a gold band but would prefer white gold or platinum? A remount is a great way to update your ring with a new metal type.

Go Low Profile

Perhaps your ring is always getting in the way and you’re looking for comfort. You can remount your ring into a low profile setting.

Create a Family Piece

You can reset your diamond into a family gemstone necklace to create a new family heirloom.

Remounting a piece of jewelry can be an emotional process, especially if there some sentiment attached to the piece you are working with. But, we can promise you that if this is your dream then it is worth it. To have been a part of the process of creating something new from something old is quite satisfying.

At Keezing Kreations we take great pride in resetting and remounting jewelry to help our customers create a new piece of their dreams.