Project Description

The Kirsten Love Neckless was recreated from an engagement ring into a stunning custom yellow-gold neck piece that Kirsten will be able to cherish for many years.

I went to Debra with a challenging request. Nine years ago, July 2010, I was married and two months later my husband unexpectedly passed away. I have been holding onto my engagement ring and eternity band all these years and the thought of me having two gorgeous rings locked in a box for safe keeping annoyed me. But, I did not want to wear my rings as if I was married because I am ready to move on and find a new relationship. It was time for me to create something new. I wanted something I could wear every day to remember my husband but I did not want it to look like an engagement ring as I plan to remarry at some point in my life. After shopping around, I found Debra to be not only the best price in town but also the person that I could trust with a very emotional past. I chose to make a necklace. Debra advised me on some key items, like the clasp and chain strength (all things I would not have considered). The first rendition of my necklace was not a right fit, so we modified the mold and it was perfect! I am delighted with my necklace and I wear it every day. It is classic and is easy to wear at the gym (because I have two lengths) or I can dress up a black dress and wear it out on the town! I know my husband is always with me but having my necklace close to my heart brings me joy and peace. Thank you, Debra, for being a patient, loving and caring person during this entire process. I am forever grateful.

Kirsten W.

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