Project Description

Ladies platinum emerald cut halo ring with an antique flair. The center diamond is a GIA stone that weighs 1.38 carat and to each side are tapered straight baguettes surrounded with a milgrain edge. Down the shank there are diamonds pave’ set. Diamonds are set from both sides of the ring graduated in the side going down the ring weighing a total of 1.52 carat.

First off, she said yes! I walked into the Jeweler’s building with no particular store in mind and stumbled upon Keezing Kreations. Right away, Deb was very knowledgeable and friendly. When I started the process I had a picture of an intricate engagement ring from a chain store that I knew my fiancé liked and the style of stone she wanted as well. Showing it to Deb, she said it would be no problem and was able to stay within my budget while getting me not only a larger diamond than I was originally hoping to get, but also making the ring out of platinum instead of white gold! She also obliged me when I wanted to see the stones I was choosing from in the sunlight coming through the window. Having never purchased a diamond before, I was worried about how much the diamonds would sparkle. If you find yourself in Deb’s store and are sharing the same concerns as me, fear not, it’s just the lighting. With that, I entrusted Deb with the crafting of my fiancé’s engagement ring. The finished product was spectacular! Not only was Deb able to capture all of the features that I requested, but the craftsmanship was unbelievable. All of the small details were expertly executed were so much finer than what I had shown her in the picture. As for my previous concerns about how much the ring would sparkle, they were all for nothing, this ring really popped! I don’t even think photos can capture how good this ring looks in real life. When I proposed to my fiancé and she saw the ring it was the first time in 10 years that I’ve ever seen her truly speechless. Thank you Deb for crafting the ring of my future wife’s dreams!


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