Project Description

A Keezing Kreations masterpiece! This yellow gold halo ring brings so many popular design features into one creative ring: 18k white and yellow gold, halo setting, French style diamond settings (also referred to as Pave), scalloped shank settings, and more! The center French cut diamond is 1.06 carat and surrounded by 10 diamonds set French style that weigh 1.05 carat. The use of white gold in the top halo setting and French setting makes the diamonds sparkle even more than they would on their own. The yellow gold shank features three diamonds on each side in a scalloped design setting. The six side diamonds weigh a total of .44 carat.  This Boston French cut diamond ring is made in house by our talented jewelry designers.

For more information about this specific engagement ring design please contact Keezing Kreations at 617-650-9934 or fill out our short contact form online.

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