The fashion, design and jewelry industry has had a love-affair with rose gold for some time. In fact, it has gone in and out of style over the years, dating back to the 1920s when Cartier introduced its Trinity Ring, with a band of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

The resurgence of Rose Gold in recent years has as much to do with technology as it does with style. You see, Samsung and then Apple got on the rose gold bandwagon in the early 2010s: phones, watches, tablets, headphones.

And, for those who believe color can play a role on our emotions, rose gold evokes feelings of passion, compassion and warmth.

When it comes to engagement rings, rose gold is the happy medium between the traditional, classic feel of yellow gold and the stark and modern appeal of white gold or platinum. It offers a romantic feel and is a perfect look to symbolize love. It is a look that seems unique which some women love.

There is an exclusivity element to Rose Gold jewelry because there isn’t a lot of it. Yellow gold engagement rings are not as popular right now and some brides even think they look dated.  White gold is everywhere. Rose gold looks vintage and exclusive, and so even though it has seen a resurgence in popularity, it offers a unique quality that many women crave.

Plus, it looks good on a variety of skin tones.

In addition, from a price-point standpoint, it is priced similarly to white and yellow gold, and is generally less expensive than platinum.

For your bride-to-be who has a playful, quirky, romantic and charming side, a rose gold engagement ring may be just the thing for her left ring finger.

It’s classic, modern and beautiful all wrapped into one engagement ring that symbolizes your love forever.