The cut of a diamond will impact how much a ring sparkles. This is important as most brides love the sparkle on their hand.
Each cut sparkles in its own way. In addition, the cut adds style so it is important to consider the wearer when selecting a diamond cut for a custom made engagement ring.
Keezing Kreations is a Boston Jewelry store that does custom-designed engagement rings. We’ll work with you to determine the best cut for your creation. In the meantime, here are 5 of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings.

  1. Round – this cut maximizes the sparkle and light reflection.
  2. Princess Cut – for a bride that wants to feel like a princess, this cut is a popular choice. The princess cut is square or rectangle shaped and is very versatile.
  3. Cushion Cut – this cut can increase a stone’s brilliance. The square cut with rounded corners is a perfect choice.
  4. Emerald Cut – When you want the ring to sparkle at just the right time, this is a great cut. It has a flat, mirror-like top that showcases a gemstone’s clarity.
  5. Asscher Cut – She’ll feel like Carrie Bradshaw. This cut showcases brilliance and is sure to sparkle. The shape is octagonal which really does capture the light from all the angles.

The cut of a diamond really can make all the difference. The cut can make a ring extraordinary. If you’re considering popping the question, come down to our Boston jewelry store or give us a call 617-650-9934 so we can help you decide what cut might be right for your future bride.