Platinum, rose gold and colored diamonds are trending on engagement rings this year, but what about the diamond cut and setting? Today’s modern brides are looking for rings that have a unique and custom feel, even if they’re bought straight from the jewelry store counter.

Solitaire Offers a Timeless Appeal

A solitaire ring never goes out of style. With one focal stone, there is a timeless, classic chicness to this type of ring. While a classic round cut is generally the most popular, in 2019 we’re seeing a variety of diamond cuts on new brides’ fingers, including square and teardrop or pear cut.

Pear Cut Offers a Lot of Surface Area

The pear cut diamond setting is making a resurgence this year. Pear cuts are perfect for another trend, stackable bands.

East/West Oval Setting Turn A Classic Style on Its Head

Generally, if a stone is not round or square, it has a north-south orientation. Designers have rotated this, for a new trend for 2019: east-west settings. By rotating the ring horizontally, this brings on a new, modern twist for a trendy wedding ring setting.

Halo Settings are Designed to Shine

A diamond encircled by more diamonds is a popular trend right now. This wedding ring setting adds a lot of sparkle to a finger which is why it is favored by this year’s brides.

Unique Cuts Offer A Custom Look

Diamonds that are different are on trend this year. In other words, anything but round. Unique halo designs, square, pear and oval are popular choices in 2019.

If you’d like to make a splash with your wedding ring this year, look for a diamond cut that feels unique, special and different. A modern or vintage twist will give you a custom designed look that you will be proud to show off.

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