It shines. It sparkles. It’s hard to keep yourself from staring at it all day long. Your custom designer ring is a statement. To keep it looking its best, it’s important that you properly care for it. After all, if you wear your ring every day, it goes through a lot in a day. Think about it. You shower. You wash your hands. You bang into things. You garden. You work. You go to the gym. Your ring is exposed to everything. Here’s top tips to care for your designer custom ring and keep it looking new.

Regular Cleanings & Inspections

You should take your ring to your jeweler at least twice a year for a deep cleaning and an inspection. A trained professional can inspect the ring to ensure jewels are not coming loose and that your ring is properly and deeply cleaned.

Home Cleanings

One of the safest home jeweler cleaning solutions is a drop or two of dawn dish soap in a bowl of warm water. Soaking your ring in this solution is a gentle way to give your ring a regular cleaning. Be sure to rinse!

Take It Off

We get it! You have a beautiful custom ring on your finger and the last thing you want to do is take it off. It’s just so pretty! And, what if you lose it? What if it falls down the drain? What if you forget where you put it? Sometimes it seems safer to keep it on your finger. But, when you can, you should try and remove it when you shower, wash the dishes and do tasks that put stress on your ring.

You should also remove your ring and store it in safekeeping when you’ll be in a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub.

You should also remove your rings before you apply cream or lotion as creams can drastically diminish a ring’s brilliance and shine.

Hold It By the Band

Never hold our ring by the jewel, but rather hold it by the band. This will protect the jewel and keep the prongs from coming loose.

Store It

One removed, you should store your rings separately in fabric lined boxes or pouches to keep them from getting scratched.

By properly caring for your custom ring, you are not only protecting your investment but you are ensuring your ring’s beauty and brilliance, too.